Worksheet for Genealogy and Family History

Identify a child in the 1810 census by using his father's will and later census data. CensusMate's Timeline format helps identify the right person.
Identify the children: Joel Haynes

Joel Haynes is the next to last son in Henry Haynes' will.

He is probably the 10-15 year-old son of the 1810 census.

He has left home by the 1820 census.

Start with a search of the 1850 census for a Joel Haynes, born in VA between 1795 and 1800.

There were five Joel Haynes listed in the 1850 census, (plus an additional 14 men whose names came up on a Soundex search, e.g., Hanahs, Hewins, etc.)

The five were scattered in five different states, from Michigan to Mississippi, with ages ranging from six to 52.

  Only one of the five was born in Virginia:Joel Haynes of Audrain County, Missouri. He is 52 in the 1850 census, i.e., born in 1798, which fits our search. he has six children, and a 54 year old wife Martha, also born in VA.
  Similar searches of the US census for 1820 to 1840 show a Joel Haynes of the right age living in Missouri in 1830 and 1840. Those data all show an excellent fit with the 1850 data, and with the 1810 data on the next to last son of Henry & Tabitha Haynes. See the CensusMate worksheet on Joel Haynes.
Some unfinished work to be done.

No 1820 data except the census record of a Joel Haynes in 1820 living in Ohio, who was 26 to 44 years old, i.e. born before 1794. A bit too old.

The 1850 census shows a wife Martha. But there is a record of a Joel Haynes marrying a Patsy Greer 19 November 1817, in KY. Could this be Henry's son Joel? If so, we have a clue to Joel's whereabouts in 1820, but must resolve whether Martha is his second wife.

The only listing for Joel Haynes in the tax rolls for Bedford Co., VA, is in 1817, when he would have been 18 or 19. We need to determine what time of year this was assessed.

The same 1850 census for Audrain Co., MO show a Henry Haynes, 31, born in KY. His birthdate of 1819 fits the marriage data for Joel of 1817, and with the unnamed son of Joel in the 1840 census. He would have been named for his grandfather Henry.


The 1830, 1840, and 1850 data for Joel Haynes in Missouri are an excellent fit with the 1810 Bedford County Virginia data for Tabitha's son Joel. While this does not prove this is the same person, it certainly is certainly plausible, and no other person fits the data. The CensusMate worksheet has allowed us to use marriage and follow-on census data to assemble a reasonable set of data to follow Joel from his first appearance in the 1810 census through 1850.

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