Worksheet for Genealogy and Family History

Peek ahead at these examples to see the power of CensusMate to work with 1800 to 1840 census data to improve birthdate estimates and identify children.
A Four-Step Approach to Understanding CensusMate
  1. Jump immediately to see one or more full screen examples data sheets such as Tabitha and Stephen to see what all the fuss is about; they look a bit complex at first, but notice how the answers to birth dates jump out clearly.

    Look at the "Vital Stats" sheet with birth, marriage, and death data for the family of 18 folks, the product of using CensusMate for data analysis.

  2. Then come back and follow the details of building the examples step-by-step as the results build, and the apparent complexity is seen as quite simple.

  3. Jump to detailed explanations when something isn't clear, or if you want to see how the CensusMate timeline format was developed.

  4. Download blank worksheets and use them for your own family history work.


  • Contact me with feedback on what works for you, and what could be improved in the worksheet or the website's examples and explanations, and
  • Then share your experience with your fellow historians ... tell them about CensusMate.

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